Saturday, January 1, 2011

If This Were a Book

If I were writing a book then I suppose this post would be the Preface/Introduction. Its the part of the book that many people skip over to get to the 'real' book. Almost as if the preface is simply a formality. However, for those who do have the strong will to read the prefaces to books know that it serves as a foundation; to give a framework by which to view and judge the rest of the written word. This is what I aim to do in this first post that isn't really a post but an introduction/preface. I am officially starting this blog on January 1st. The Feast of Mary Mother of God because I feel that any endeavor will be the better when begun under her intercession (please don't that I am all holy and what not for thinking that because I am by no means). When it comes to my devotion to Our Lady I am simply an infant.)

A little bit about the blog.
The Beginning - Everybody seems to be getting into the whole blogging thing. I did not want to be just another person adding to the noise of everyone’s collective musings. One day I was talking to a friend who is currently a Catechetics major at Franciscan University. We were discussing youth ministry when another friend from Franciscan emailed me asking for advice on one of his assignments. That is when it occurred to me that there may be a few people who would get something out of reading about my experiences as I begin my life in ministry. I think it would be especially helpful for me to break down our youth nights according to the ecclesial method. This method, which consists of (1)Preparation, (2) Proclamation, (3) Explanation, (4)Application, and (5) Celebration ; was a struggle for me and my fellow catechetics majors and seems to continue to give current students trouble. I hope I will be able to provide practical examples of each of the stages. 

The title - “Past the Start.” This phrase comes from a poem by Bradley Hathaway called “Manly Man.” The whole line goes:
Like David I want to be a man after God’s heart,
I’m not there yet but I’m past the start.
The video of this poem is imbedded below:
This blog is not about how I have achieved the perfection of youth ministry or Christian living for that matter. I am simply one of God’s sons. This truth fills me with so much hope so much disgust. How could God choose to make me his son while I turn away from Him daily? Yet He still pursues my heart. This will never cease to blow my mind and call me on to pursue Him. 
I plan on updating this blog once a week.

The Content - In addition to the ecclesial method breakdown of the youth nights. I will also look at what worked and what didn’t work during each night. I will also share my thoughts on different topics ranging from relevant youth ministry issues, social issues, and what the Lord is teaching me in my spiritual life with the hope that it may help and inspire you as well.

You - Finally, I would hate for this to just be another blog adding to the noise of pointless thinking out loud. To keep from doing this I need you. I want this to be a place of conversation, where we can come together to talk youth ministry and come away enriched from it. Comment on the posts(even if, especially if, you disagree with something I say), email me if there is something specific you would like me to address. Most importantly, pray for me and all those who will be reading this blog. We are all striving to do God’s will and we cannot do it alone. We need to help each other, encourage one another, and pray for each other.
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I am truly honored by your presence and you can always be assured of my prayers for you.

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